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Abigail aged 11 years;

“Social services mentioned a possible couple to me. It was weird how they found a family for me…weird in a good way. I went to meet them, spent the day and had tea. I was able to stay for the weekend and after that had a few more visits then moved in. This is when I started to feel like someone. I realised that people cared for me and loved me and wanted to better my life

One of our foster carers comments;

“I have just come back from a review meeting...the progress and the remarks of the excellence of the young person...the proudness and the tears of his parents and the appreciation shown was so overwhelming, this is what makes fostering so worthwhile

An independent professional states;

“This agency has an honest and open approach. They are wholly transparent and thus allows for constant reflection and growth. Workers are a close knit team and carers are much part of a team. Management is strong. Leadership allows for all members of the organisation to feel confident in their own practice and contributes to the agency’s growth. The child is central in all practice

A newly approved foster carer states;

“We have found the training programme and support groups to be varied in content and very beneficial. It has helped us to care confidently for the young people that we have responsibility for”.