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Sons & Daughters Month 2020

11 October - 31 October 2020


Hi, my name is Leigh.


I have been on the fostering journey with my parents for 18 years now and have many memories.  Fostering has many highs and not every day is the same. Whilst growing up, I found it difficult to share my parents with other children coming into my household. However, later, I realised how rewarding fostering is for children who have a more challenging start to life than myself.  I am grateful for the experience as it has made me a better person today!


Within my household, all children have equal opportunities and we encourage them to develop and succeed. As an adult I can now be a positive role model to the children that live with us and they often look to me for approval and praise. 


New Routes Fostering have offered me many different experiences  -  from speaking to someone through my difficult times and offering me support to asking me to become the Chair of the children’s panel which allows me to share my knowledge and experiences with others who are beginning their fostering journey.

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