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Michelle and Julian's story


Michelle and Julian have been married for over 30 years and both come from large families. They adopted a son over 20 years ago who now lives independently but visits frequently. As a couple who thoroughly enjoyed being parents and found family life rewarding, Michelle and Julian felt that fostering would be a good next step for them once their son left home. They were approved in 2013 and shortly after began to care for a sibling group of three sisters ranging in age from 1 year to 9 years. Whilst there were some challenges along the way with all 3 girls needing lots of attention, Michelle and Julian loved caring for the girls and found it a very positive and rewarding experience. They were involved in preparing the girls to move to their adoptive home and felt positive about their transition to an adoptive family knowing that the girls would remain together.  They currently have two brothers placed with them aged 11 and 10 years. They have also provided short-term respite care for other children and young people. Michelle and Julian had thought about fostering for a long while before they decided to apply and now looking back they wish they had done this much sooner. They have since recommended fostering to other people.   

Note: For confidentiality, names have been changed & pictures are posed by models in this case study.

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