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Leanneís story


Leanne, a part-time Social Work Assistant, was approved as a foster carer in 2005 and recently celebrated her tenth year of fostering.  She has a large family and, once her own children grew up, she wanted to continue caring for children.  She does not remember much about the assessment process as it was a long time ago but she does remember enjoying the Preparation training.    

Leanne has seven adult children and has a very close and supportive extended family.  Leanne’s two youngest children were still living at home as teenagers when she became a foster carer.  Leanne said ‘’All of my children were supportive of my decision to foster and have remained positive throughout the past 10 years.  They have welcomed all of the children and young people that I have cared for but, because of the length of time that she has lived with me, they have particularly accepted C as one of the family’’

Initially, Leanne cared for a number of teenagers which bought challenges but also lots of fun. She also cared for two young brothers for a short while, which she thoroughly enjoyed as she saw them develop in the time that they were with her. 

She currently cares for C, a 15 year old girl who has been living with her for the past four years. The plan is for C to stay with Leanne until she is ready to live independently. C has developed well while living with Leanne. C was initially shy and quiet but her self-esteem has increased and she is now much more confident.  She is achieving well at school and is focused on her future career path. C attends Girl’s Brigade, helps at her local church and plans to work with children in the future.

Note: For confidentiality, names have been changed & pictures are posed by models in this case study.

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