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Ivanís story


While he was growing up, Ivan’s parents had been foster carers and had looked after many children. Seeing the positive changes his parents had made in the lives of other young people, he wanted to continue this as an adult by becoming a foster carer himself.

In 1997 he began fostering and, with the support of his cousin, looked after twin boys throughout their teenage years. As a single carer, he found caring for the boys challenging but rewarding.

When he met Julie, they were approved as a couple and continued to look after the twins together until one moved to London to go to university and the other moved to a flat of his own. Julie knew that Ivan was a foster carer when she met him and, although apprehensive, was happy to be approved as a foster carer also.  The couple had their own two daughters living at home, as well as adult sons who lived nearby.  They supported their parents and became close to the twins despite times when there were the usual tensions of family life.    

Ivan has fostered for over 18 years now and Julie for over 13 years. In the years that they have fostered they have cared for a teenage girl, a number of asylum-seeking young people and have also provided respite care for shorter periods to other children and young people. They remain committed and dedicated to fostering and the difference that it can make to children’s lives.

They currently care for a sibling group of four boys who are aged from eight to eleven years.  Before being placed with Ivan and Julie, the children had been separated and it was not considered to be possible by involved professionals for them all to live together. However, the children all expressed a wish to live together and Ivan and Julie believed that it was possible. They felt strongly that the siblings should all live together.  It was this positivity and openness to a challenge which made it happen. The boys are very happy to all be living together again and, emotionally have been much more settled, since this has happened.  Ivan and Julie have since seen the children develop and thrive in their care. 

Ivan and Julie have a large, extended family who are supportive of them as foster carers and who welcome the children and young people they care for. It is a testimony to their love and dedication that they continue to support and advise young people that they have cared for once they are living independently. They are very proud of the achievements of the young people that they have cared for and this makes all of their hard work seem worthwhile. 

Note: For confidentiality, names have been changed & pictures are posed by models in this case study.

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