Best places to pick up girls

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Bars and clubs are a hit or miss environment for picking up girls. The best approach is to isolate her and then build compliance, attraction and sexual escalation.

1. Bars and clubs

Many men consider bars and clubs to be some of the best places to pick up girls. However, there are many other places to meet women that don’t require loud music and dancing. It is also important to respect a girl’s space. If she is in a rush or appears emotionally unavailable, don’t bother her.

If you can find the right spot, it’s possible to hit on girls just about anywhere. Take a look around your apartment complex or neighborhood to see what single ladies are hanging out.

Ultimately, picking up girls requires confidence. If you can exude confidence, then she’ll be more likely to give you her number or even ask you out. Check out pua cajun’s video here to see how he rocks the confidence game!

2. Coffee shops

If you’re in the mood for something a little different than a nightclub then try coffee shops. These are great places to meet girls in houston as they usually have a large amount of girls in one place at the same time. If you want to go a step further then you can even try ’coffee shop hopping’ where you go from one cafe to the next looking for sexy women.

If you’re in the montrose area then poison girl is a great bar for hooking up with sexy local girls. This bar has a dark atmosphere and attracts a young crowd. The best time to go is before 3 pm when the girls change shift and you’ll have a much better chance of talking with a girl.

3. Restaurants

While a restaurant may not be the best place to pick up girls it can work if you approach it from the right angle. The key is to frame yourself as not a customer. Also, you need to avoid the lap dance area because it is very hard to sexually vibe with women who are doing that for a living.

A bar is a great daytime place to hook up because women are socially lubricated and it can be easy to chat them up. Try a place like employees only that has prohibition era vibes. The place also has burlesque shows which spice up the atmosphere.

Another good place is solas bar. This venue has a large bar on the ground floor and a lounge upstairs that turns into a dancefloor on certain nights. This bar is open every night which guarantees a fun night.

4. Sports bars

If you are a sports fan and want to find a fun night out where there are plenty of girls this is the place for you. These bars are great because they usually have a very energetic crowd and are open every day of the week.

If a girl you like is in a large group make sure you approach her early in the evening while the crowd is still loose and friendly. This way if the group breaks up you are close enough to talk with her. It will also help you avoid awkward situations where the girl is uncomfortable or has a negative reaction to you approaching her in a group.

For more advice on how to pick up women check out this group interview with 32 of the worlds best dating coaches.

5. Nightclubs

The massive metropolis of new york city is a place where everyone parties and there are plenty of opportunities to meet girls at nightclubs. These venues come in many different types including lounges, cocktail bars, hookah/shisha bars, dance clubs and player’s clubs.

Kiss n fly at 409 west 13th street is one venue that is not for the faint of heart, it has a high cover and selective door but once you get in you will be rewarded with wall to wall hotties. Enter with a dominating attitude and a plan and you will be sure to score a hook up.

If you are not into the club scene you can always log onto a dating site such as secretbenefits or adult friend finder and message sexy open-minded girls in your area. This is a much more relaxing and cost-effective way to find a girl to take out for drinks or even on a date.